Fast, Friendly, Reliable and Professional Services...

We offer a cost-effective collection, repair and delivery service! Repairs for all electronic devices including water damage:-

  • Phones
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Apple products
  • Tablets
  • TVs
  • Amplifiers + Hi-Fi
  • Speakers
  • Turntables
  • Mixers
  • CDJs
  • Speakers
  • Crossovers
  • Pro Audio
  • Lighting + AV

Computer builds, data recovery, web design, phone customisation, tuition, headphone recabling and much more... all at a very competitive price!

Computer Builds

All budgets and requirements catered for, including gaming, business, music production, CAD, photography, graphic design, video editing and custom built watercooled systems.

Phone Repair

We repair any make and model of phone regardless of the fault. This includes water damage, broken screen, faulty charging port etc. Enquire for further terms and a competitively priced quote for you.

Water Damage

If your device has suffered water damage, repair may be worth considering. Be aware though, due to the nature of water damage, guarantees cannot be made. However, we have a very good success rate.

Data Recovery

If your device containing critical or indispensable data has failed we can attempt recovery. Please do NOT attempt to recover data yourself or through another company!

Phone Customisation

Customisation options for all popular models of phone, including gold or silver plating, artwork, camera modifications, speaker modifications and more. Contact us for further information.

Headphone Repair and Recabling

If you are looking to improve the sound produced from your headphones, get in touch for bespoke replacement cables in any colour or combination thereof you wish for.


Is your friend or relative a Technophobe? Know someone who needs a little help with using Office applications? We offer tuition for all levels and ages. Please get in touch to see how we can help.

Electronics Diagnostics

Any electronic device failing to function correctly or power on? Let us thoroughly assess it and diagnose the issue(s). We can then offer a quote for repair or replacement of problematic parts.

Digitalisation of old media

We can turn your old Cassettes, Vinyl, VHS, or other audio and video formats into modern digital formats. One advantage of doing so is that digital media does not suffer from degredation through playback or time. We use only the highest quality ADC convertors to ensure optimal quality is preserved. Please ask for further details.

DJ + Pro AV

We repair all kinds of electronics; even out of warranty. Enquire for prices and further information. If the fault with your device is unknown 'Full Electronics Diagnostics' must be conducted first.

Computer Repairs + Optimisation

If your device is running more slowly than usual or you are having intermittent problems, get in touch.

Virus, Malware and Trojan Removal

If you or your business are concerned about data integrity and the security of personal data, get in touch. We secure all electronic devices.

Web Design, Hosting and Security

The complete website solution: design, hosting, security and maintenance. We allow the customer to easily make future amendments and modifications as they desire. E-commerce integration included.

Internet Optimisation

We can optimise your home or business network for gaming, VoIP and other time critical traffic to ensure the best experience for all users in the home or workplace.

Drone Repair

Specialising in repair for drone servos, motors, cameras and other electronic parts.